Lightning Drones India is a leading drone service provider in the country for Solar PV modules inspections, Electrical Assets, and Transmission Lines Patrolling, Wind Turbine Generator Monitoring and many more.

Since 2015 LD is involved in different research projects for Drone design, development, and testing including payload, long range, higher endurance, and customized UAVs. We have completed the number of UAV mapping, surveying and GIS projects for Government and non-government clients across the country. Notably, LD is part of a surveillance team of Maharashtra Forest Department for multiple projects including Man Eater T1 Tigress Avani of Yevatmal for 24/7.


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Aerial Surveillance – 24/7


Team LD was working hand in hand with Maharashtra Forest Department (MFD) for search Operation of Man Eater T1 Tigress Avani in Pandharkawada, Yevatmal District. We have considerably supported the ground team with drone feed 24/7 using RGB and Thermal Sensors

Transmission Line Patrolling


Lightning Drones is a pioneering UAV service provider in the country to inspect High Voltage Transmission Lines, Towers, and other assets with Drones capable of ultra-zoomable visual lenses as well as best in class Infra-Red thermography sensors.

Solar PV Module Inspections


Drone Thermography is replacing classical handheld testing of PV modules in the country rapidly. Lightning Drones is one of the first to take up such projects in the year 2017 and has been completed inspection of 1000 MWp for different clients across the nation.

Drone Development and Testing


In-house research and development center of Lightning Drones is being part of various design, development and testing projects of UAVs for different clients. We have developed a special drone to install Bird Flight Deflector on live EHV earth wire for an electrical TL installation giant.

Wind Turbine Generator Inspection


We are proudly associated with an industry giant to inspect the WTG asset at several locations in the country. Lightning Drones has established a methodology to monitor the wind turbine blades, Lattice towers, and TL with both visual and thermal drones on a regular basis.

Communication Tower Monitoring


Communication Tower Monitoring is being done on a frequent basis with the help of Drones with Ultra-zoom lenses to understand the creep stresses and increased loading on the towers. Drone inspection is boon for the industry to get the latest data according to their requirements

UAV Mapping, Surveying and GIS


Government bodies have been accepted drone mapping over satellite imagery for their surveying works. So Lightning Drones are into UAV Photogrammetry and GIS Surveying for urban mapping, irrigation, illegal encroachment, forest mapping and more

360 Degree Virtual Reality


360-degree VR (360-degree virtual reality) is an audiovisual simulation of an altered, augmented or substituted environment that surrounds the user.

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